The Bioreactive Concert


For Pepsi at SXSW 2014, Lightwave created a bioreactive concert environment powered by human energy. We used the biodata gathered from the crowd to power interactive experiences and control the environment - lighting, smoke machines, CO2 cannons, bubble machines - all trigged by the crowd’s physical behavior. This also created the most robust analytics ever possible into the audience’s response to the event and product in this environment.


Feel Wimbledon


Jaguar hired Lightwave to turn their inaugural sponsorship of one of sports most prestigious events into a reason to get the whole world talking. By installing ambient sensors throughout the Wimbledon grounds and deploying wearables onto spectators, we were able to communicate for the first time what it felt like to experience the championships - creating content that lived across 7 different media channels.

The Lightwave activation won Jaguar the highest social share of voice of any brand throughout the tournament and over 250 pieces of earned media.


The Revenant


To promote their upcoming epic, The Revenant, and give it relevance to a younger more tech-savvy audience, 20th Century Fox worked with Lightwave to prove just how emotionally intense watching the film really is.

Lightwave equipped 100 viewers across 4 cities with custom hardware, and then processed the resulting biometric data to find insights like the number of fight or flight responses they experienced and the amount of time they spent transfixed. All of these findings were turned into beautiful data visualizations shared across social and PR.


Quantified Steph


Stephen Curry is one of the world’s most elite athletes and is helping to shape the next generation of the game. Lightwave wanted to explore not only how his performance excelled from a statistical standpoint, but also from the biofeedback and emotional perspective. Lightwave’s analysis marked the first time that Steph has been measured in this manner, and the results were used to create engaging social media and digital content exploring the granular details of his biomechanics and biometric data.


NCAA Men's Basketball Championships


Long term Lightwave partner Degree tasked us with the challenge of evolving their NCAA sponsorship into meaningful content opportunities to radically increase their share of voice.

For the first time, we were able to measure the impact of fan passion on the narrative of a game. We were able to celebrate the dedication of our 12th men and women in a new and unique way and shine a spotlight on a hugely important part of the game that has previously gone untouched.


So You Think You Can Dance


Degree wanted to capitalize on their partnership with hit FOX television show So You Think You Can Dance by doing something truly innovative - using Lightwave technology to unveil what actually happens in the mind and body of an elite dancer - and broadcasting it.

Lightwave equipped 20 dancers with devices, measuring everything from G-Force to Galvanic Skin Response. The resulting information was turned into beautiful graphics and integrated into the broadcast, as well as being supported by a social activation, #dancebreak, which dived deeper into the actions of one elite dancer across 6 episodes.


Move with the Music


Degree, as part of their #EVERYMOVECOUNTS campaign, tasked us with the challenge of showing people that movement isn’t just about fitness. That the more you move in everyday live - at concerts, with friends, watching sports - the more you get out of these experiences.

We brought this to live with the Move With The Music series - three Lightwave enabled concerts that celebrated the connection between an audience and an artist. For the first time, the performers themselves were also hooked up to Lightwave and the relationship felt between fans and their hero was visualized in real-time during the concerts, and streamed online and in Times Square for the whole world to see.


Closer with Google+


For the closing party of the International Music Summit, Lightwave, in partnership with Google, enabled a live music experience that was rooted in data. Participants Google+ accounts were linked directly to biometric wristbands that gave the performers real-time insights about the crowd’s experience and powered dynamic visualizations.

Each participant received a personalized report of their experience directly to their Google+ page, including their peak moments and most emotional reactions to the music played during the set.


The Body's Truth


TED is one of the most prestigious events of the year, where the world’s thinkers and doers come together to think big. For this year’s conference, we explored the divide between our self-perception and the truth that our bodies reveal.

Guests answered a brief profile survey, and Lightwave biometric technology was used to measure physiological responses to stimuli. We used this data to visualize the discrepancies and similarities, both at an individual level and as an aggregate of all participants, to tell a broader story about humans and truth. One of this year’s biggest attractions, more than 800 people, half of TED’s attendees, participated in this Lightwave experience.


The Pulse of Cannes


For the Cannes Innovation Lions in 2015, Lightwave and Mindshare partnered to give a keynote on the future of biometric data and the importance of being human in an age of technology. To prove that this future was a reality now, we built the first biometric event app for Apple Watch and iPhone that measured and visualized participants experiences at the festival.

Over 100 Cannes Lions attendees participated in the program, contributing to 20 million data points across heart rate, location, movement, and much more. This data was beautifully visualized on the mobile and watch for each participant, and also aggregated to allow us to glean experiential insights into the festival.